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Cleddau Reach VC Primary School

Cleddau Reach VC Primary School

Health & Well-being

At Cleddau Reach the Health and Well-being Area of Learning and Experience provides a holistic structure for understanding health and well-being.

It is concerned with developing the capacity of learners to navigate life's opportunities and challenges.

The fundamental components of this Area are physical health and development, mental health, and emotional and social well-being. It will support learners to understand and appreciate how the different components of health and well-being are interconnected, and it recognises that good health and well-being are important to enable successful learning.

Physical health and development includes:

  • Daily Mile
  • A wide variety of sports clubs for all ages
  • PE and Games lessons for skill development
  • Inter and Intra school competitive events
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Science of health lessons
  • Healthy Cooking and Eating Activities
  • Healthy Schools Membership

Mental health development includes:

  • A comprehensive mental health policy
  • Well-being Awareness Days
  • Self Regulation Charts and Strategies
  • Growth Mindset approaches
  • Restorative Practice linked to pupil behaviour
  • Music playing throughout the school day
  • Flexible use of time to meet pupils' needs

Emotional and social well-being development includes

  • Locally approved approach to Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • A consistent approach to the emotional environment
  • Value placed on opportunities for interdependence
  • Strong pupil voice opportunities for all pupils
    (Click here to go to our Pupil Voice page)
  • A consistent approach to developing positive relationships
  • Learning linked to Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Planning underpinned by UNCRC Pupils' Rights
  • Authentic Contexts for Learning

Since September 2023 each of our year groups has benefited from using the 'Jigsaw' programme to support the Health & Well-being curriculum here at Cleddau Reach. For further information on this innovative resource, please click on the link below:

Jigsaw Wales - Parent/Carer Guide



Various images from sport events in and out of school